fontite demo page

Pack Icon Fonts Tightly

All icons on this page were packed into a single font file using fontite, an icon font optimization tool.

The WOFF2 font file and corresponding CSS generated by fontite have a combined uncompressed filesize of ... bytes.

Font Awesome Brands
Source WOFF2 size: 75312 bytes
Open Web Icons
Source WOFF2 size: 24228 bytes
Font Awesome Solid
Source WOFF2 size: 75736 bytes
Fork Awesome
Source WOFF2 size: 109916 bytes
Iconify Logo SVG
Source SVG size: 835 bytes
Iconify IPFS SVG
Source SVG size: 771 bytes
Fontite SVG
Source SVG size: 2287 bytes

Altogether, the original source files (without any associated CSS) add up to 288129 bytes. fontite saved more than 98.6% of the bytes required to display all the icons on this page. No JavaScript required.

You can use fontite to make your website smaller and faster, too. Check out the code on Gitlab.